Bear Proof   and Horse Camping Equipment

Bear Proof Panniers:
Certified Bear Resistant! External Dimensions: 25.5"L x 14.25"D x 21.75"H Weight: 23 lbs per box, with rigging Top opening: 8.5" x 20.5" Leg Kit (Optional) Set of eight (8) aluminum legs designed to screw into the bottom of our TrailMax Pack Panniers, Ralide - West - HorsePac Panniers, and High Country Plastics pack panniers. The panniers can then form a table top or flat working surface. Legs have plastic ends for protection on these certified wilderness Bear Proof Containers!.

NEW! Patent Pending. The TrailMax pack panniers are ideal for packing average size loads and deliver an easy to use, economical, certified bear resistant solution to recreational packers, outfitters and guides. Designed to fill the need for a practical, all-purpose hard-sided pack pannier, these panniers also meet USFS and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) requirements for bear-resistance. Sold as a pair, complete with rigging.

Bear Proof Panniers

The rugged bear proof panniers andf boxes,containers, are made of an extremely tough, hard resin polyethylene, which will weather hard use and extreme cold. The TrailMax Pack Panniers have contoured sides to allow for a better ride, resting against the animal's side without creating pressure points. This also creates a fairly narrow profile so the load will better fit through heavily forested trails.

The lid slides into the top of the pannier and is secured by a single, easy-to-turn thumb bolt. The panniers will also accommodate screw-in legs (part number WRI099, sold separately) and can be used to create a table once in camp. The lids serve double duty as a table top or cutting board.

The panniers heavy duty nylon hanging straps for use on a Decker or sawbuck pack saddle, top pack attachment dees and cinch tie-down straps. These bear proof boxes can also be hung on a pack saddle using sling ropes.

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